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I am alone.

Where am I?

When is this?

Who? Wait, no, I think I know that one.

Or do I?

There’s no answer. I am alone. These images that I see behind the lids of my eyes, what are they? So quickly, they appear and then fade away. Are they memories, my memories? I wish they would stop, but nothing else besides that night comes to mind. A cascading series of images sounds and smells from that night wash over me. Above all, I am affected by what I cannot explain. So many feelings and emotions give these memories weight. The searing pain of anguish, fear, excitement, even happiness; all of these can not be a dream. What happened that night?

I’m not sure of anything. If I am still dreaming, what could this mean? If those are memories, they feel wrong, as if I remember someone else’s life, through that person’s eyes. I know that night is over, and I know that I am not dreaming any longer. But where am I now?

I open my eyes for the first time and see a field of stars laid out before me. I then realize that I am not looking up to the night sky, I am looking through a transparent membrane at the expanse of space!

How did I get here!